Top 4 Health Complications from Diabetes

Top 4 Health Complications from Diabetes

Diabetes is very prevalent in the country that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 30 million Americans are diagnosed with the illness, while another 84 million people have prediabetes. In addition, diabetes also lands at the 7th spot as the deadliest illness in the country, with suggestions that the status may have been underreported.

Do you have a loved one who is at the terminal stage due to diabetes? We can help you care for them as we provide quality Skilled Nursing Care in Colorado. Diabetes requires proper management as it can complicate to any of the following conditions:

  1. Heart Disease
    The reason that heart ailments commonly sprout from diabetes is due to the effects that cholesterol level has on a person’s blood sugar levels. With diabetes, a person’s bad cholesterol increases, which causes clogging up of the arteries. Because of this, a person with diabetes and heart disease have double risks of having a stroke.
  2. Kidney Failure
    The National Institute of Health says the leading cause of kidney disease is diabetes. Regardless if the kidney failure takes at least a decade to develop, there will be a slow progression for patients with diabetes. For this reason, diabetic patients are also encouraged to undergo routine tests for their kidney’s health to ensure good function.
  3. Neuropathy
    Because diabetes disrupts a person’s sugar level, it also results in neuropathy or nerve damage. With neuropathy, the person loses their ability to feel, making it easier for them to get injuries. Because neuropathy also causes poor blood circulation, the immune system is affected resulting in slow wound healing.
  4. Foot Infections
    When there’s neuropathy, the same poor circulation can also affect the diabetic person’s legs. The nerve damage on the feet can result in infections, which, when serious, can reach the bones and eventual amputation. For this reason, proper diabetes foot care is encouraged to prevent amputation or passing on.

At Pinnacle Hospice Care, let us help you manage your loved one’s life-limiting diabetes through our Hospice Care in Aurora, Colorado. To learn more about our other services, contact us.

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