Quick Guide: How to Be a Hospice Volunteer

Quick Guide: How to Be a Hospice Volunteer

As a provider of Hospice Care in Aurora, Colorado, we are dedicated to giving service that promotes the quality life of a patient who has a terminal condition. We know that the patient and their families are going through emotional turbulence in the face of their loved one’s last days. Because of this knowledge, we strive to provide the most compassionate assistance to the patient and their families.

Our level of compassion extends even to our hospice care volunteers. Whether they assist in lifting the patient or provide Music Therapy, our volunteers always do this with compassion.

But how does one become a volunteer for hospice care? If you’re interested in this selfless role, here are some guidelines to help you. A volunteer…

  • Qualifies for Assessment and Training
    We do conduct training and screening of the volunteers we accept. While this is a voluntary assignment, we also want to ensure that such volunteers have the physical, emotional, and mental readiness to face the different situations of the patients. When they qualify for this process, they can already proceed to the interview stage.
  • Passes the Interview Stage
    Prospect volunteers will also be interviewed in person to determine their preparedness.
  • Must have References
    Would-be volunteers are also required to submit at least three reference persons from individuals who are not their relatives.
  • Availability
    Volunteers help in whatever aspect necessary; often they to assist in providing unskilled personal care, light assistance with their homes, provide companionship, write letters, etc. Although their time is flexible, the patients depend and look forward to their visits; therefore it is import that volunteers are able to allot the required time to spend with their hospice patients.
  • Committed to the Hospice Agency
    The hospice care volunteers must also dedicate themselves to adhering with the agency’s mission, vision, and other policies. This cooperation is vital in being able to provide the care and help that promotes the patient’s wellbeing.

Volunteering at Pinnacle Hospice Care can be a rewarding experience. In the event of loss, the volunteers also go through Bereavement Services and counseling so they can continue volunteering for other patients or families. If you feel in your heart that this path is something you can pursue, feel free to reach out to us.

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