Meaningful Activities with a Hospice Patient

Meaningful Activities with a Hospice Patient

As a provider of Hospice Care in Aurora, Colorado, we understand how receiving a terminal diagnosis can be devastating. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you and your loved one can no longer spend meaningful moments together. It may take time to adjust to and accept the diagnosis. Yet, it is possible when you choose to spend quality moments with your beloved.

What can you do to make these moments special? Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Talk
    That sounds simple and common. Yet, talking with a loved one can be very therapeutic for both of you. Talk about topics that they enjoy, ones that trigger happy memories. If you also have heartaches with each other, now is the time to confess and pronounce forgiveness. Release each other from the burden of bitterness. This way, you can enjoy doing other things together with the remaining time they have.
  • Listen to Music
    Many terminally ill patients enjoy Music Therapy. The soothing element of music and inspiring messages can give them a good distraction from the pain or suffering they are going through. You can spend some quality time together while enjoying good music.
  • Reminisce
    You may need pictures or old movies for this. Yet, reminiscing about wonderful memories can be uplifting to someone with a terminal illness. They may feel that their lives have been cut short. Yet, with good memories to look back to, they can see that they have lived their lives with joy.
  • Hold Hands
    When they give you permission, hold the hands of your loved one even if you don’t say anything. Especially if they are receiving Skilled Nursing Care in Colorado, your touch can assure them that there is comfort for them.

As your loved one journeys through their terminal illness, know that there is help you can seek at Pinnacle Hospice Care. Don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance when it comes to Bereavement Services, among others. We’re just here to answer your inquiries!

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