How Music Helps Terminally Ill Patients

How Music Helps Terminally Ill Patients

There have been a lot of studies explaining how music impacts our emotions but did you know that listening to music can also be therapeutic for people diagnosed with a terminal illness? Evidence has shown that the therapeutic use of music, particularly among those who are terminally ill, has tremendous benefits.

A study demonstrated how Music Therapy alleviates not just physical pain but also emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, fear, frustration, and anger. According to research, music can help lower the heart rate and blood pressure of agitated patients. Listening to music before, during, and after surgery significantly reduced a patient’s pain, anxiety, and need for pain medication. A clinical worker even shared that whenever a music therapist is singing or playing an instrument or recorded music, medical monitors show how the heart rates and blood pressure levels of patients stabilize to normal.

Moreover, music also enhances communication between patients and their families- helping them cope better with grief and feelings of hopelessness. It’s even useful during interventions when addressing the difficult topic of death. Family members of terminally ill patients exhibited improvement in mood and physiologic relaxation when music therapy is used.

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