About Us

Hospice Care in Denver, Colorado

Pinnacle Hospice Care was founded by seasoned hospice professionals who are committed to providing care that exceeds all expectations. We are proud to be an established provider of Hospice Care in Denver, Colorado and the Greater Denver Metro area.

Compassionate Care Wherever You Call “Home”

We provide care to our patients in their homes, in skilled nursing facilities, in assisted living environment or in any other place our patients call “home”.

Mission Statement
Pinnacle Hospice Care is dedicated to providing the utmost comfort care and dignity, through development of an individualized plan of care, developed by an Interdisciplinary Team and designed to meet the needs and personal choices of our patients and their families.


To be one of the leading Hospice provider in the State of Colorado by striving to create an environment of teamwork and participation, where, through continuous performance improvement, people pursue excellence and take pride in their work, which then results in the provision of quality patient care.


  1. To provide a program of care that acknowledges death as a normal event.
  2. To provide direct patient care in the home with family/caregiver support in a coordinated manner with an interdisciplinary program using existing resources and avoiding duplication of services.
  3. To offer short term inpatient care when the patient’s pain and symptoms must be monitored closely in order to control and/or alleviate them or when the family/caregiver needs a rest from the tedium and stress involved in caring 24/7 for a patient.
  4. To maintain a commitment to realistic, cost-effective management, utilizing all available mechanisms for payment, in order to retain management responsibility for the patient’s care in the utilization of direct and indirect services.
  5. To provide a continuum of care which recognizes and responds to the physical, social, spiritual, emotional, and other needs of the patient/family/caregiver.