Are You Eligible for Hospice Care? Here’s How to Know!

Are You Eligible for Hospice Care? Here’s How to Know!

The services related to Hospice Care in Aurora, Colorado are not for everyone. These are only provided to individuals and their family members who are eligible to receive it. When is hospice necessary? Here are some eligibility considerations:

  • Life-Limiting Condition
    In order for hospice care to be provided, the patient should be diagnosed with a serious and terminal ailment. The prognosis is typically six months or less; however, quality care will be provided until the end no matter how long it takes. A person may remain on hospice per Medicare indefinitely, as long as they meet the Medicare Hospice Conditions of Participation qualifications. For this reason, hospice care is only provided once the patient’s doctor has referred it. Hospice care is not the final sentence of a person’s life. It is instead providing another option of care so that, in the event that cure is no longer possible, the patient can still live a quality life until their last breath.
  • Aggressive Treatment is No Longer Working
    Hospice care is provided for patients who do not respond to the aggressive treatment of their condition. No matter the kind of Skilled Nursing Care in Colorado they are receiving, when this care is not improving the patient’s condition, hospice care can be the next best option.
  • Achieving Goal of Comfort
    Hospice care is also a joint decision of the patient and their family members. They have decided to put their loved one in the most comfortable condition because their illness can no longer be cured. Different forms of services and assistance are provided to ensure that the patient is getting the comfort they need.
  • Doctor-recommended
    As mentioned earlier, hospice care can only be selected as an option when the patient’s doctor has prescribed and referred it. In the case where your doctor hasn’t yet made a recommendation but you find the need for hospice care, you can ask your doctor for evaluation and recommendation.

At Pinnacle Hospice Care, we will do the best we can, such as administering Music Therapy, to achieve the comfort and care needed by your loved one. This is to ensure that they can still enjoy a quality life in their remaining days.

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