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Skilled Nursing Care in Denver, Colorado

Hospice care is a multidisciplinary practice that is aimed at improving the quality of life of patients and their families with advanced illness or life-threatening injury. Hospice care prevents and relieves suffering through early identification, thorough assessment, and expert treatment of pain and discomfort as well as other challenges: physical, psychosocial, and spiritual.

Pinnacle Hospice Care, a provider of Hospice Care in Denver, Colorado, defines the features of quality hospice care as:

  1. Expert knowledge and care for patients with a loving, gentle approach.
  2. Affirmation of life and regard for dying as a NORMAL process.
  3. Neither hastening nor postponing death.
  4. Availability of interventions early in the course of illness to assist with symptom management or advance care planning.
  5. Use of interdisciplinary team approach to address the comprehensive needs of patients and families
    • Assessment and management of patient’s pain and other distressing symptoms
    • Integration of the psychological and spiritual aspects of patient and family care
    • Offering a strong support system to help patients live as FULLY as possible
    • Offering a strong support system to help the family cope during the patient’s illness and in their bereavement.

Initiating Advance Care Planning

It all starts with a CONVERSATION. If a chronic, serious, multiple co-morbidities or terminal illness are already present,the particular details of that illness as well as the person’s condition and prognosis will direct the care-planning conversation. Talking with patients and families about prognosis and treatment goals is never easy.

As difficult as it may be, Pinnacle Hospice Care believes that it is essential that patients and families have accurate and complete information to enable them to have a successful hospice experience. It is crucial that families express their preferences clearly. Though a cure may not be possible, Pinnacle Hospice Care is committed to providing continuous quality of life for the patient.

A person’s religious, cultural, and ethnic background may have a strong influence on his or her approach and reaction to advance care planning discussions. Pinnacle Hospice Care maintains a culturally diverse staff that addresses this situation.